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Quarterly Plan - KRAFTVOLLBOX

Quarterly Plan


Regular price Rs. 3,999.00 Sale

Great! Now you are just a step away from Pampering yourselves.

Alright, still hesitating to buy? Let's get into the things you will recieve in your First out of Three boxes.

  • 1 X Jacquard Tie worth700
  • 1 X Pair of Socks150
  • 1 X Wallet worth500
  • 1 X Pocketquare worth200
  • 1 X Shoe Brush worth100
  • 1 X Shoe Laces worth 60
  • 1 X Pair of Cufflinks worth 200
  • 1 X Lapel Pin worth 350 (All are estimated retail values)

And for the Second month's Box New products will be added which are released on a later date. Clearly, The best investment you can ever make on your Styling.